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GaPPSS strives to build a vibrant community on the idea of inclusiveness that is free of violence, encompasses respect of human rights and freedom of speech, seeks social justice for all, and promotes development equally across all of South Sudan.


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Welcome to GaPPSS

Welcome to GaPPSS

Welcome to the Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan (GaPPSS) website. GaPPSS is a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of engaging the global South Sudanese community to work collectively for dialogue, lasting peace, social justice, gender equality, and respect for human rights. We will be sharing initiatives, providing news from South Sudan, and highlighting ways that you can get involved and help to ease the crisis in South Sudan.

The conditions in South Sudan today have worsened. Human security has drastically deteriorated, the economic situation has declined, and living conditions are below the poverty line. Absence of the rule of law has rendered normal life unthinkable. Hope for the people has been replaced by fear. GaPPSS was started with the intention of addressing these many problems in a way that would bring together local community groups, legislators, educators, international humanitarians and thought leaders. Working together, we can help to improve the lives and opportunities for those hardest hit by the crises and instability in South Sudan. Please consider making a donation, volunteering, showing your support on social media or even simply subscribing to our newsletter. We thank you for visiting and hope you’ll continue to show your support.

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