Vision, Mission and Goals


Vision Statement

The vision of Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan is to foster unity in diversity throughout South Sudan.

The Mission Statement

Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan strives to build a vibrant community on the idea of inclusiveness that is free of violence, encompasses respect of human rights and freedom of speech, seeks justice for all, and promotes development equally across all communities of South Sudan.

Overall Goals

The goals of the organization shall be to:

  1. Promote reconciliation and peaceful coexistence among the communities
  2. Advocate for appropriate governance and humans rights advancement
  3. Promote gender equality
  4. Ensure equal access to education, social, health and economic services for all citizens of South Sudan
  5. Educate all South Sudanese about the diverse and rich cultures of the country
  6. Engage with national institutions and the international community in advocating for lasting peace throughout South Sudan