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GaPPSS has been on top of keeping our network informed and well engaged in the nation’s affairs.  We have raised our voices to educate the international community and call for actions.  We have created a vibrant space for South Sudanese Diaspora to share and exchange discussions about best ideas and practices to bringing peace to South Sudan.  We have provided links and connections that offer the South Sudanese Diaspora the opportunity to receive adequate information and feedback from other news and advocacy forums that deal with similar issues regarding South Sudan.

GaPPSS is uniquely positioned to lead advocacy initiative with the expertise we have honed over the years and the trust we gained from our network.

More remains to be done, but will not be possible without your help.  We are asking you to donate any amount for peace.  Donations are processed through Sudan Sunrise (, the Sudanese nonprofit founded by Manute Bol.

Your support will help us amplify our collective voices and advocate for a lasting peace in South Sudan, bridging the divides among our people, and countering the hate speeches that fuel the conflict in our motherland.