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Newsletter Volume II, Issue 3. Date: March 2015.
Special Report: International Women’s Day

In This Issue: OurVoice NV-II, I-3.

  1. Special Report: International Women’s Day
    By Lidia Majock, Page 1.

    International Women’s Day is an event that is held worldwide in March. We as Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan (GaPPSS) network take this moment to review women’s achievements, progress and look ahead to the future challenges. There is also a need to identify untapped potentials and opportunities as we move towards more equitable and inclusive society. Nonetheless, we must ensure that women’s empowerment and gender equality stand at the heart of our work to make a better community.

  2. South Sudanese Women in Diaspora:
    Unheard Stories of Leadership in Family and Community Development

    By Kon K. Madut, PhD, Page 2

    On this special Women’s Day, I would like to uncover the untold stories of leadership among South Sudanese women in the Diasporas. In doing so, I am aware that such stories cannot be explored in a single opinion article. However, my attempt is to highlight their efforts and contributions which, in most cases, are ignored or deliberately treated as a cultural expectation based on gender biases.

  3. Let’s Hear It for the Ladies!
    By Bahia Antoni, Page 3.

    If I asked you to name the one person who taught you the most about how to live your life, everything from tying your shoes to telling the truth, I am willing to bet that most of you would say, “my mother”. The lessons I learned from my mother Helen are so deep inside of me that I know I am not fully aware of how much she taught me. From her I learned to speak, to feed myself, to walk, to dress, and to treat others with courtesy and respect. She was the most influential person in my life…

  4. Women’s Rights are Everybody’s Rights
    By Kaidi Rial. Page 4

    When we talk about women’s rights most men see it as an issue that does not concern them and some even see it as a direct threat to them and work against their realization. They view it as bettering the lives of women at the cost of theirs. However, when women’s rights are achieved its benefits are shared by all men in the family whether it is her husband, her son, her brother, or her father.

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Newsletter Volume II, Issue 2. Date: February 2015.
When Politicians Care Less

In This Issue: OurVoice NV-II, I-2.

  1. When Politians Care Less.
    By Anyanya Wako. Page 1.

    The initiative by Anyanya Wako, the coordinator for GaPPSS’ youth program, to kick start peace messaging through talking to youth in the streets of London, UK encouraged GaPPSS management to dedicate the February edition of the newsletter to the youth. It is very much appreciated that GaPPSS thought to energize the youth and to remind them that despite the confusion that everyone is engulfed in, they are not forgotten so that they can regain confidence in the people around them.

  2. The Youth Are the Hope of Our Future.
    By Anyanya Wako. Page 2.

    Our youth are not failing the system; the system is failing our youth. Ironically, the very youth who are being treated the worst are the young people who are going to lead us out of this nightmare.

  3. The Youth Will Lift Our Nation Up – In Arabic.
    By Eng. Dandara Ali Dandara. Page 3.
    يظن الناس خطأ ان الانسان الذي يهتم بالسياسة ويتحدث في شؤونها سياسي.. الصحيح السياسي هو من يعمل في مجال السياسية بأن يضع برنامجاً سياسياً أو يتولي منصب سياسياً تنفيذية أو يسعي لذلك.. أما الشخص الذي يهتم بالسياسة هو إنسان في قمة المسؤولية.. إنه إنسان يعرف إن وطنه هي حياته..ففي الوطن الأهل والأحبة والأصحاب.. في الوطن يخلد ويرتاح المرء الي جوار أسرته، الزوج الأطفاله والأحفاده.. لذلك من الضروري ان يتحدث أي إنسان مسؤول في السياسة ويتطرق الي مثالبها بحثاً عن راحة وسلامة هؤلاء الناس جميعاً في وطن أمن مزدهر. هنا يبرز دور الشباب من الجنسين.. في تطوير ورفعة البلد.الشباب طاقة هائلة رائعة كامنة تحتاج فقط الي رجل وطني وأعي يفجرها.. قائد ملهم يخرجها من نفسها الي العلن ويقودها بصدق وأمانة في الإتجاه الصحيح حتي يظهر جمالها وقوتها في تنفيذ مشروعات تنموية كبيرة وبنية تحتية عملاقة.. يبهروا بها العالم ويرفعوا بها بلادهم الي مصاف الدول المتقدمة.

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Newsletter Volume I, Issue 3. Date: December 1st 2014.
Rape and Sexual Violence against Women in Wau,
Western Bahr el Ghazal State

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Newsletter Volume I, Issue 2. Date: August 2013.
GaPPSS President Visits the Whitehouse

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Newsletter Volume I, Issue 1. Date: July 2013.
Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan – (GaPPSS)

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