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GaPPSS encourages everyone, from local South Sudanese residents, activists and legislators to concerned global citizens and relief organizations, to get involved and help with the crises facing South Sudan.

There are a number of ways you can contribute, including: submitting your stories to our website; assisting and participating in South Sudanese education and relief efforts; organizing and/or speaking at conferences both inside South Sudan and around the globe; making a donation to GaPPSS and other reputable organizations; volunteering to assist GaPPSS with ongoing events and initiatives; becoming a member organization or affiliated individual; subscribing to our newsletter and joining our mailing list; regularly checking our newsroom page to stay abreast of the latest breaking news out of South Sudan; and showing your support on social media by sharing, liking and forwarding articles of importance to the residents of South Sudan and their global supporters.


Submit Your Story

Are you a member or beneficiary of GaPPSS who would like to share your experiences, news or insights? Please get in touch and let us publish your story! You can submit your articles, feedback or get more details through our Contact page.



Get in touch with our staff to see if there are any current or ongoing projects, initiatives or meetings in your area. Volunteer your time or expertise to assist us in our ongoing work. Your efforts are always appreciated.


Become a Member

Join a growing list of individuals and organizations uniting under the GaPPSS banner to bring peace to South Sudan. You can join here.


Make a Donation

Currently, GaPPSS is processing its donations through one of our sister organizations, Sudan Sunrise. Any amount you care to give is welcome and will be put to good use. If interested in making either a one-time or recurring donation to help the situation in South Sudan, please visit our GaPPSS Donations page. Thank you!


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Join our mailing list and subscribe to our GaPPSS newsletter. Be among the first to know when a GaPPSS or affiliate organization is having an event in your area or when there is a public event or initiative that needs your attention. GaPPSS will not spam your inbox or share your email with third parties.


Stay Informed and Spread the Word

Keep up to date by visiting our Newsroom page, which features dozens of the latest stories from the Sudan Tribune, Gurtong Trust, the South Sudan Nation and more. Like, share and forward the latest developments to your friends, associates and affiliated organizations on FaceBook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Educate yourself, educate others and get the word out!


Only through sustained efforts, dialogues, shared personal stories, financial contributions and increased awareness can the situation in South Sudan improve. Your contributions of time, money or of effort, whether large or small, do make a difference in the march towards progress for the South Sudanese. Thank you for getting involved and thank you for your support!