Online Hate-free Zones?

Recently GaPPSS has declared its social media pages as hate free zones so that people can communicate to each other with respect and mutual understanding even if they do not agree.

The internet has given us the opportunity to communicate from our private corners to far places in the world that we have never seen and to people we never knew.

So expressing ourselves has become so relaxing that while we think we are practicing our right to freedom of speech we violate the rights of others.

In the context of South Sudan, some of our posts may hurt others on some occasions and created conflicts in other situations.

GaPPSS will work together with its members and partners to raise awareness on hate speech, its consequences and how we can communicate without spreading hate, and what actions we can take as victims or perpetrators willing to making communication on the internet safer.

We will be communicating action days and we encourage participants to share experiences, information and ask questions. Remember we all learn from each other and our experiences are enriched by listening and sharing.